.UK Domains Data Quality Policy

Important notice: .UK Domains Data Quality Policy
Nominet, the .UK registry, has introduced a new Data Quality Policy. This policy requires that both the registrant name and address be verified against a third-party data source. For each domain registration or update, Nominet will try to validate the registrant name and address using their own data sources. If Nominet is not able to complete this validation, they will ask the registrar to have the data verified. Domains that do not complete the verification within 30 days will be suspended and can no longer be renewed or transferred.
Nominet will require registrars to enforce this policy starting September 22, 2014. Paknic will start sending out .UK verification emails to registrants on September 28, 2014.
Data Quality Verification Process
Paknic will trigger an email to registrants asking them to follow a link to a verification page. On this page, registrants will have the option to upload a document to prove that the name and address are correct or to update the name or address in case the data provided at registration was incorrect.  Registrants can also email us or create a support ticket and upload such document(s).  Here is a list of the documents that will be accepted:
  1.     Companies House certificate
  2.     Official company or trade register
  3.     Valid driver's license
  4.     Valid national ID card
  5.     Utility bill (last 3 months)
  6.     Bank statement (last 3 months)
  7.     HMRC tax notification (last 3 months)
  8.     Official letterhead
  9.     Company stamp or seal
Once registrants have submitted documentation through this page or via email or via support ticket system, Paknic will conduct a manual data review to determine if the document can be accepted as proof of name and address. In cases where the document is sufficient to verify the data, the data quality process will be completed and the registrant data flagged as "verified".  In cases where this review is not successful, the process will be re-started and the registrant will receive another email. If registrants fail to complete the verification process within 30 days, Paknic will apply a Data Quality Lock on the domains, which results in Nominet suspending the domains. Suspended domains can no longer be renewed or transferred. The verification process may still be completed after the 30-day period, and if completed, the name will be un-suspended by Paknic.
For additional questions, please contact the Paknic Support team at support@paknic.com.

Paknic Support Team