How to TRANSFER your .uk or or or domain to PAKNIC

How to TRANSFER your .UK or .CO.UK or .ORG.UK or .ME.UK domain to PAKNIC

Please note: .UK domains do not use authorization codes or registrar locks.


Question: How do I transfer (change tag or RETAG) a .UK domain name?


  1. Contact your current domain registrar (tagholder) and request that they "RETAG" your domain name to "PAKNIC-PK".
  2. Submit a support ticket with us, so that we know the domain name is arriving and we can update your account by adding domain name to your domains list.

You will not lose any remaining time on your domain expiration date. There will be no downtime and you can take advantage of our LOW .UK renewal costs.

What fees are involved? 

  • At the time of the transfer request with PAKNIC, we will pre-authorize the full cost (two year renewal price).
  • For .uk transfers where the domain has more than 3 months remaining on the domain expiration will be FREE.
  • For .uk transfers where the domain is within 3 months or less of its renewal date, the domain will be renewed for 2 years upon transfer and a charge for two year's renewal will be made.