Why Domain Transfer is SLOW?

Why Domain Transfer is Slow?
If you have initiated domain transfer to Paknic and it is taking time that is due to the fact that current registrar has not respond to the transfer request yet.  Usually upon receiving inter-registrar domain transfer requests, losing registrar either accepts the transfer or denies with a reason.  The transfer completes as soon as losing registrar approves the transfer but in some cases losing registrar opts not to respond which causes delay.  What happens in that case, please refer section 3.5 of ICANN Domain Transfer Policy at this link:
Section 3.5 states:
"Failure by the Registrar of Record to respond within five (5) calendar days to a notification from the Registry regarding a transfer request will result in a default "approval" of the transfer."
That means if losing registrar chooses not to respond, the transfer will proceed after 5 calendar days from the date when transfer was initiated.