Refund Policy

What is PAKNIC Refund Policy?
All domain related cost/payments (registration/transfer/renewal) are final and we cannot offer any refunds once domain name is registered and order is completed.  Any spelling mistakes in domain names are final and cannot be reverted once domain is registered and order is completed.
If your order is not yet completed and domain name is not registered/transferred/renewed, please contact us immediately and we may be able to issue a full 100% refund but it is not guaranteed due to the limitations beyond our control.
For any incomplete orders including domain transfers (for example, when those orders are failed due to any reasons), we may issue a full 100% refund to your paknic account.  So if you place a domain transfer order and the transfer was not completed, you will get a full refund with 100% money back.
For hosting related orders, please contact us within first 30-days and we may be able to issue a full or partial refunds on case to case basis.
SSL orders once completed and SSL certificate or token has been issued, no refunds can be processed. You can re-issue SSL certificate as many times as needed or as mentioned in product description and in the delivery email.