Verisign Announced Increasing prices for .COM and .NET from October 2008

Verisign Announced Increasing prices for .COM and .NET

Verisign, the registry operator for .com and .net domain names, recently announced that beginning on October 1, 2008, the registry fee for .com and .net domain names will increase by approximately 44 cents per year. ICANN fee of $0.20 and PAKNIC management fees would remain the same until further notice. Please note, this price increase comes from the registry and not from PAKNIC.

Because the current contract between ICANN and the various domain registries allows registries to increase their prices a few more times within the upcoming years, you should expect to see more domain name price increases in the near future.

To avoid the October price increase, consider renewing your domain names now and encouraging your customers to do the same. Multi-year renewals and new registrations that take place before the price increase takes effect will be billed at the current per domain, per year rate regardless of the renewal or registration term. We encourage you to take advantage of this potential saving.

Thank you for your continued support!


PakNIC Management Team