Twenty New gTLDS Introduced Today

Twenty New gTLDS Introduced Today
January 17, 2016 - Paknic Private Limited:  We are pleased to inform that today we have added twenty more gTLDs/ccTLDs (extensions) in our offerings.  All these TLDs are now live and being offered immediately.  If you are one of our resellers and would like to add these new TLDs on your Super Reseller Site, please make sure you add/update pricing under our Paknic Account -> Reseller Settings -> TLD Setup & Pricing.
Here below is complete list of new 20 TLDs introduced today:
  • .PW
  • .FANS
  • .LOVE
  • .REIT
  • .RENT
  • .SITE
  • .TECH
  • .CO.COM
  • .COM.DE
  • .COM.SE
  • .MEX.COM
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