Revised Domain Name Transfer Process Post GDPR

With effect from GDPR deadline which is May 25, 2018, Paknic has made necessary changes in our registrar system specifically related to privacy and inter-registrar domain name transfers.  We have already announced the changes in our Privacy and Cookies Policies which you can find here and now we are announcing the specific changes made to the Domain Transfer process as listed below.
In accordance with ICANN’s Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data, we are making the following changes in order to ensure seamless progression of domain name transfers.
Inbound Domain Transfers to Paknic:
  1. Form of Authorization (FOA) will not be required and sent on behalf of the gaining Registrar;
  2. The transfer request will be immediately made to the registry once the customer successfully places the order with Paknic and submits domain authorization code;
  3. There will be no Change of Registrant process required for inbound transfers; and
  4. This revised workflow will be in effect starting May 25, 2018.
Outbound Domain Transfers:
  1. If the gaining Registrar follows ICANN's Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data, we do not expect any impact on outbound transfers;
  2. The FOA on behalf of the Registrar on Record will continue to be sent as usual, and the transfer will be auto-approved unless declined by the Registrant within 5 days;
  3. If the gaining Registrar requires to send an FOA to the Registrant contact which has our GDPR protection feature enabled, the customer can disable this feature with proper authorization from the Registrant. This feature was implemented under your Paknic Account Profile named as "GDPR Settings";
  4. In case the Registry Operator of the domain name has blocked displaying domain registrant contact info in WHOIS record, the gaining Registrar must be advised to follow the ICANN's Temporary Specification. We recommend contacting the gaining Registrar to resolve such issue.
If and where needed, our staff may intervene manually to make sure that this transfer process is in effect.  For any questions or concerns about this revised transfer process, please contact us either via email or by raising a support ticket.
Paknic Ops Team